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When we wrote our fundraising strategy in 2022, we wanted it to be centred around fun and joy, matching what our charity is all about!

What could be more fun and spread more joy than a Colour Dash involving thousands and thousands of children!

Working with our school partners who agree to take part in this great event each year, in their own school, on their field or playground, it is fully inclusive, and every child takes part.

In 2023 we held our first LCH Colour Dash, where we had over 6,000 children take part – and their fundraising was phenomenal!

It felt like we were inspiring the philanthropists of the future, with traditional sponsorship, prizes on offer and all funds raised going back into helping children in their schools, or who live on their street – the fundraiser connected children and families.

The event was a huge success and the feedback from schools was massively positive in that the event was well planned as we organised and delivered everything the school would need, we also fully engaged and celebrated with the children and gave back on every level. With 74% of schools agreeing to take part in 2024 we were thrilled at this retention rate.

For 2024, we felt a new theme was needed and this year we have added glitter, with 50 schools (an increase of 100%) taking part and over 14,0000 children we have had to adjust and streamline some of organisation, but we are more than happy with the results.

We recently spotted an advert for a festival in the south, an add on was to take part in a colour dash… at £27.50 per person.

Our charity is giving this amazing, memorable experience to thousands and thousands of children across Leicestershire, with the small ask of gaining some sponsorship if they can.

This event aligns with our charity purpose on every level and we think this is why it has been so successful.

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