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Since 1898 Leicester Children’s Holidays have supported thousands of disadvantaged children across Leicestershire and Rutland, providing them with experiences and opportunities that bring joy. We are continuously striving to make a difference to bridge the gap between those that have and those that haven’t.

Holidays are so important to us and all of the children we support, Mablethorpe was our holiday destination for 120 years and is close to the hearts of thousands of people in Leicestershire. We recognise this affection and naming our starfish mascot Mable is a nod to this important part of our history.

The here, now and our future is supporting children who are facing disadvantaged lives, our support is mostly driven by poverty but also we help children who have suffered family bereavement, are
living in a chaotic home, are a child refugee, or may have additional needs.

All children are nominated to us from our school partners. This approach enables us to reach those children most in need.

We support them with our holidays and short breaks, which are completely free and full of fun, food and joy – just what they need. We provide financial support to families to enable children to attend their school trips. Our Rested Minds project gives vital mental health support to children who have faced traumatic experiences and our Broadening Horizons programme gives every child a chance to participate in an activity that they have an interest, love or talent for. This is so important for their development and happiness.

It is through our school partnership that we are able to understand the needs of local children and put projects and programmes in place that help transform their lives.

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