Jean Lewis

Chair of Holidays

Jean Lewis

I’m one of two Vice Chairs of the Trustees, and my great interest is in actual holiday provision for the children. Why? Because I’ve been involved in education, as a lecturer, governor, lecturing on governance,  all my working life, and now even more involved as a volunteer in my (alleged) retirement! It’s what I got my MBE for.

So I know how much children look forward to, and actually need, an exciting and relaxing break on a holiday, and how much all children deserve that opportunity. And that’s why I joined this Charity, where we work so hard to deliver just that!

My favourite holiday spot is Crete, my favourite ice cream is salted caramel, and I won’t be drawn on a favourite Fortnite post as I spend most of my life separating addicted children from their machines!!!



We are open

Our charity is open from December 2, 2020 10am to 6pm Mon-Sat. Do come and take a look at our super new visitor centre. We have fabulous toys for sale too.

0116 251 9863

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