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School Trip Funding

We firmly believe here at LCH that school trips and experiences are so valuable to childhood development. In many cases these trips are the only time a child will ever get to see somewhere or something new.

We support schools in enabling them to provide more affordable trips for all families, or we fund individual families who have no means of paying for the cost of a trip.

In many cases, parents will not eat or will miss paying a bill so that their child does not miss out. We don’t believe this is right and try to help as many families in Leicestershire as we can.




For older children, they don’t even deliver the trip letter home as they do not want to put additional burden on their parents. We are working with schools to identify young people early so that they know there is help available.

Our matched funded programme for school trips is hugely popular and the demand is high with demand only growing in the next few years.

If you are a school wanting to apply for matched funding please click on the buttons below:

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