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Rested Minds

We understand that some children in our community struggle with anxiety, their mental health or have faced a traumatic experience already in their young lives.

This project works with trusted partners who are able to provide the support that a child needs.

We work with specialist equine therapists and art, music and play therapists, all experienced and equipped in meeting a child’s mental health needs.

Children are nominated through their school to us and our partnership work begins.

A six week programme of bespoke therapy is put into place, which helps the child regulate their emotions and put strategies in place to help them.

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In some cases, a further six weeks is required.

This support and therapy has a significant impact on a child’s life, with school refusers now attending school more regularly, with children managing their emotions better and engaging more in their learning.

Mental health therapy is expensive, and the demand for services is high, this is why we stretch our Rested Minds budget as far as it will go and match funding enables us to do this, sharing the cost so more children can receive the support they need.

If you are a school wanting to nominate a child for Rested Minds, please click on the button below:

Our Trusted partners


Blossom are a small occupational therapy and speech & language therapy service supporting children who may be struggling to participate in daily life. This might be due to emotional well being concerns, trauma or a diagnosed condition impacting on their motor skills, sensory processing, speech or language. 

 We can provide assessments and therapy in our clinic based on Stanion, Northamptonshire or in the community at the child’s school or home.



07935 596561

Providing play therapy to children, plus training and support to families and schools. Working with children who are dealing with bereavement,
separation, anger, fear, anxiety and much more. Also supporting families to understand children’s behaviour, re-connect and move forward together.

07919 174503

Offering affordable and accessible wellbeing and creativity services which enhance the lives of the local community. Treehouse offer therapeutic services in their bespoke therapy room in Lutterworth, for example Play and Creative Arts Therapy for children and young people. Alongside therapy, training, workshops and support for children and schools across the county and neighbouring areas. Creative sessions are for all ages to support mental health and wellbeing.

Charnwood Arts Therapy offers art therapies which are especially beneficial when individuals feel distanced from their feelings, when it is upsetting to talk about a painful experience or for individuals with communication difficulties. Many people find arts therapies can help them learn to deal with their difficulties and articulate their feelings through creative activities such as making a model or piece of art, creating music drama and dance.

01530 245922

Small Steps Play Therapy is based in Loughborough and provides support to children aged 4 to 15 years old. Play Therapy can support any child who is experiencing overwhelming thoughts and/or feelings, through a range of creative mediums and toys. Support and training for parents and schools is also offered.

Supporting Anxious Kids Facebook groups was set up after the pandemic, when a huge number of children were experiencing greater anxiety than previously. This is a group for mums of anxious kids. We have online and in person meets ups, as well as lots of support, fun and information within the group.


Case Study 1

Tom has benefited greatly from the mental health therapy sessions at The Way of the Horse. He had suffered with trauma following a family break up and was finding it difficult to regulate his emotions at home and school and his confidence was suffering. Through the Way of the Horse programme his confidence improved massively. He also has a much better understanding of his emotions and how to regulate them. Both school and family have reported an improvement with emotion regulation and that he was using the strategies he learnt. This support wouldn’t have been possible without the funding from Leicester Children’s Holidays.

Case Study 2

The group of our people aged 11-14 had been selected due to anxiety issues and were school refusers. They were very nervous around horses at the stables to begin with, but by the end of the sessions, all five had participated well and fully engaged. Equine therapy uses working with horses to develop a person’s social and emotional wellbeing. They had increased self-confidence and a deeper understanding of their emotions and how to manage them. School has reported increased attendance for three of the children involved.

Case Study 3

Jai was struggling to cope with a recent bereavement of a close family member and was becoming very isolated. Through Charnwood Arts Therapy Service Ltd, Jai was able to slowly build confidence in the therapist and discuss his emotions. He was able to show through art the feelings he couldn’t verbalise and this enabled him to understand how and why he was feeling as he was. The school have reported an improvement in his social times, mixing with peers more often and engaging in his learning.

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