Here's a list of questions we get asked all the time...

If you wish to nominate a child for Hilltop 2021, we are accepting nominations for children within the age range of 8-11 until the closing date of March 26th 2021.

Any child between the ages of 8 and 11 can be nominated for consideration. You can nominate a child by visiting our Apply page and requesting an application pack.

Priority will be given to children who have not already been offered a holiday with the charity. However, if spaces are available after all nominations have been considered, then children who have already benefited from a holiday with the charity may be offered a second opportunity.

If your child becomes ill, we will inform you immediately. If the child requires medical assistance we will seek immediate medical advice and provide transport to a local medical facility if necessary.

Each child’s medicine is kept separately and given out by our specially trained staff, as prescribed.

All that we ask is for parents/carers to contribute £20 towards the cost of transport for each child. Everything else is paid for by our lovely donators and corporate sponsors.

Every child needs a holiday, but we try to prioritise children that are unlikely to get another holiday. We prioritise children that we believe will get the most benefit from one of our holidays.

Transport will be arranged to and from the location. We will contact you beforehand if you have any specific transportation requirements.

If your child expresses that they would like to come home early, we will contact you to discuss your wishes. You may collect your child at any time upon provision of the correct identification and authority.

All the luxuries you’d expect from a holiday, such as accommodation and other amenities are included. Plus, all meals are provided for the duration of the holiday. Transportation to and from the venue will also be provided. Find out what else is included by visiting our holiday’s page. We do not provide toiletries and ask parents to provide these.

We have a fun and exciting line-up of programmes and activities which varies from year to year. These include adventurous activities like archery, zip-lining, and playing in play parks as well as more relaxing experiences such as trips to the beach and the shops. Check out what we get up to by visiting our holidays page.

If you have a question which is not answered above, please call 0116 251 9863 or email hello@leicesterchildrensholidays.co.uk