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Why we love the colour dash!

When we wrote our fundraising strategy in 2022, we wanted it to be centred around fun and joy, matching what our charity is all about! What could be more fun and spread more joy than a Colour Dash involving thousands and thousands of children! Working with our school partners who agree to take part in this great event each year, in their own school, on their field or playground, it is fully inclusive, and every child takes part. In 2023 we held our first LCH Colour Dash, where we had over 6,000 children take part – and their fundraising was phenomenal! It felt like we were inspiring the philanthropists of the future, with traditional sponsorship, prizes on offer and all funds raised going back into helping children in their schools, or who live on their street – the fundraiser connected children and families. The event was a huge success and the feedback from schools was massively positive in that the event was well planned as we organised and delivered everything the school would need, we also fully engaged and celebrated with the children and gave back on every level. With 74% of schools agreeing to take part in 2024 we were thrilled at this retention rate. For 2024, we felt a new theme was needed and this year we have added glitter, with 50 schools (an increase of 100%) taking part and over 14,0000 children we have had to adjust and streamline some of organisation, but we are more than happy with the results. We recently spotted an advert for a festival in the south, an add on was to take part in a colour dash… at £27.50 per person. Our charity is giving this amazing, memorable experience to thousands and thousands of children across Leicestershire, with the small ask of gaining some sponsorship if they can. This event aligns with our charity purpose on every level and we think this is why it has been so successful.

Our Corporate Partners

The success of our charity would not be possible without the steadfast support of our corporate partners. This blog will look into 3 of our partners who have opened their resources to make a lasting impact in the lives of children and delve into the effects their collaboration has had on our mission. National Express have been long-time supporters of our charity, and we are grateful to their services that have helped provide travel to events and the raising of money through cash box collections. The running of events such as Christmas and Easter raffles has also enabled money to be generously donated to us. We are very grateful to National express and the relationships we have built with staff there over the years. Clarke & Roscoe have been another valuable partnership to LCH, providing a summer holiday offer for the past two years at their branch. This promotion involved 10% of sales from every pair of glasses sold being donated directly to LCH. It has been great to hear how, since choosing our charity, Anthony Clarke (founder) came to the knowledge that his dad came away on our holidays to Mablethorpe when he was a child! We are proud to have an existing group of alumni who still remember our holidays and how much they meant to them. Pukka Pie have supported the charity as their named charity for many years, going all the way back to payroll contributions, as well as providing annual grants to the charity. They sponsored our first ever family festival ‘Flourish’ in August 2023 by donating £3,000. This ensured families were able to enjoy a great day out with live music, circus workshops, animal petting, giant inflatables and much more. This was a great chance to support some of our most disadvantaged families, providing them with a day that was free and fun-filled, an experience they otherwise would not get to participate in. We extend our gratitude to our partners for their unwavering commitment to our cause. We look forward to continuing this journey and transforming the lives of even more children in the years to come.

The Power of Partnership

A partnership between a school and a local children’s charity is a powerful tool to create positive change within children and the whole community. More and more pressure is put on schools to put in place interventions, enrichment and provide food and clothing to ensure the most vulnerable children are supported. Here we look at four benefits for schools in working closely with a local charity. 1. Tailored Support: Local children’s charities focus on assisting disadvantaged children that are facing various challenges, such as living in poverty, fleeing or witnessing domestic violence, significant trauma, bereavement, or being young carers themselves. Charities can provide personalised support to schools, catering to their student’s needs. They can adapt their programmes to suit the challenges faced by local children, ensuring support is relevant and effective. This support can significantly improve the students’ well-being and academic performance. 2. Resource Enhancement: Schools often face budget constraints and limited resources. Children’s charities can supplement these resources, offering financial aid, supplies and expertise that enrich student’s educational experience. Charities can also introduce after-school programs, and extracurricular activities that help students develop a talent, interest and various skills beyond the standard curriculum. 3. Early Exposure to Philanthropy: Such partnerships can introduce students to the concept of philanthropy, encouraging a lifelong commitment to helping others and making a difference in their community. 4. Community Building: Collaborations between local charities and schools creates a sense of community which sends a strong message that everyone is dedicated to the well-being of children, uniting parents, teachers, students and local residents.