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Broadening Horizons

Broadening Horizons was launched as part of our 125th anniversary celebrations. The project enables disadvantaged children to access a whole range of enrichment activities close to their home, on a regular basis, that they would otherwise miss out on.

It could be football, cricket, dance, drama, gymnastics, or martial arts, whatever the child has an interest, passion, or talent for.

We have linked with a number of providers offering these types of clubs and activities, and once a nomination is approved we set to work in matching a child to the right type of activity they are interested in, in a location close to home and engaging with parents and carers.

I have interests.

I have passions.

I have talents.

Research shows that the children we support benefit the most from these experiences, but accesses them the least. Our aim is to change this and bridge the gap between the children ‘who have and those who haven’t. 

We all have one childhood, it cannot be repeated and it can shape your whole life. With your support, we can help create positive memories for a disadvantaged child, helping them feel valued and invested in.

All of our nominations are received from schools, charities or other child services, ensuring that those most in need receive our support.

If you know of a child that would benefit from our support, please speak to their school in the first instance and point them in our direction. If you are from a school, charity or other child service and want to nominate, you can nominate here:

Broadening Horizons 2

For further information on Broadening Horizons please read our charity provision policy by clicking the link below:

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