Annual Reports

Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 July 2021

During our 120+ years, Leicester Children's Holidays core purpose has remained constant - to provide children who are disadvantaged in some way, with a much-needed holiday or respite break.

The children we help come from a variety of backgrounds - they may reside in lone parent or low-income households. There may be issues of neglect, bereavement or disability. Some children are themselves carers, and have little or no childhood, others may be home educated and have little chance to socialise with their own age group. Our aim is to create a truly memorable holiday experience.


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 July 2020

This has been a challenging time for us all and I am pleased to say that, when lockdown came, all of our staff, trustees and volunteers were prepared to step up. We took a positive step to furlough no one and we remained effective. Through it all we have stayed focused and resolved to tackle the challenges. Instead of meeting in person, we met online.
We welcomed five volunteers to our sub-committees, and we hope each of them will play their part in our future success. Business coach Devin Popat supports our relationship with corporate businesses. Youth worker Kelso Simon strengthens our future partnerships to support holidays for teenagers. Marketing expert and academic David Gordon is looking at our public relations strategy. Sandesh Jesrani is a partner in an accountancy firm and strengthens our finance committee. Solicitor Rebecca Beswick joins our newly formed community engagement...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2019

This is my first year as chairman of Leicester Children’s Holidays and it has been a pleasure to work with our hard-working team of staff, trustees, committee members and volunteers.
One of the most urgent requirements, and one we instigated, was to carry out a full risk assessment and audit of our office services. A detailed report was prepared by Deepak Rajput with an action plan put in place which included GDPR compliance.
We recruited charity manager Nicky Kandola in December 2018. Nicky and I have developed an excellent working relationship and we complement each other with our skills. I focus on the strategy and governance while Nicky implements our objectives and ensures we are able to support as many children...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2018

Again, the Charity struggled to increase both our supporter base and consequently our income. The main events were, as always, financially successful but contributed only a fraction of what was needed to run the charity. The Charity continues to benefit from a dwindling but loyal supporter base.
We were supported by a small number of Trusts and grant making bodies, including JR Corah Foundation, The Florence Turner Trust, The Maud Elkington Charitable Trust, The Edith Murphy Foundation and Ryklow Charitable Trust. We owe, particular thanks to, among others, the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Fire and Rescue Service Rudolph Fund, whose support we have enjoyed for many years. We have also been generously supported by amongst others, Knighton Players, The...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2017

Although this was a year of rising income and falling costs, these income rises are ``one-offs`` and are not leading to regular donations and we are struggling to raise both our public support and our supporter base. Also, as a result of having to cash in investments to balance the books, our income from our investments has reduced proportionally. If the charity is to survive, there must continue to be major changes made to both further reduce costs and increase income.
Our main events are usually successful both socially and financially; Leicester College Dinner - £3,121.00, Civic Day - £2,493.08, Fabulous for Christmas (Growing in success year by year) - £1,838.40, Autumn Lunch - £710.00, Christmas Quiz - £478.00. Our supporters continue to attend these events put on by a small band of hard working Trustees and supporters...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2016

This was a year of rising costs and falling income. In common with many charities v/e have faced increased wage bills due to changing regulations on the minimum wage, holiday pay, night working etc. raising our salary expenditure by over £30,000. These rises are unlikely to be replaced by increased donations. Following the General Election in May, a programme of austerity was implemented and the population began to feel poorer. Investments continue to perform badly.
Our major events are usually successful both socially and financially; Leicester College Dinner - £1,410, Civic Day - £1,636, Fashion & Beauty Day - £1,639, Autumn Lunch - £881 and our supporters continue to attend bui however hard we work on events and fundraising, we continue to rely on a small number of trusts and grant-making bodies. In the past, legacies have come through...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2015

There is an overwhelming climate in public opinion of concern about the safety of children, from those abused at home, bullied at school, on our town or village streets, to the desperate sight of drowned refugee children on the shores of Greece and Turkey. Leicester Children's Holiday Centre's purpose is to provide a safe place where children can forget about the difficulties of daily life and regain a vision of childhood free of hardships where enjoyment is a basic principle and the only obligation isto have fun.
At our Centre in Mablethorpe, our sole intent is to give holidays to children who would not normally get a holiday. Our Centre Manager, Helen Eagle-Lanzetta, with her Deputy, Sheila Billingham and our Summer Activity Leaders, create a safe environment filled with traditional seaside fun, games and excursions....


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2014

As society strives to come to terms with the long-term neglect and abuse of children, their importance in our community is clear and the need for provision of all kinds more vital. It is often suggested that an affluent society has no need of free charitable provision but the continuing withdrawal of funding for welfare and caring services places a greater obligation on charities such as Leicester Children's Holiday Centre (Mablethorpe). Children require protection and nurturing but also a vision of a better future. Leicester Children's Holiday Centre (Mablethorpe) hopes to contribute to this vision, allowing children to understand that childhood can be special; a time for personal development, for making friends and, above all a time to be enjoyed. Our Centre in the dunes at Mablethorpe provides a safe environment where our highly qualified and experienced Centre Manager...


Annual Report & Accounts Year ended 31 March 2013

This was a difficult year in terms of fundraising and expenditure. The difficult economic situation has meant that all charities find it harder to raise the necessary funds and this was exacerbated by increased repair costs due to maintenance problems in Leicester and Mablethorpe caused by the weather, particularly continuous and heavy rain during the Late Spring and Summer months.

These difficulties lead us to continually re-examine the raison d'etre of the Charity and we remain convinced that we provide a real benefit to the children who take our holidays and their parents/guardians. We are conscious that many children still do not benefit from comfortable, supportive family circumstances and may be disadvantaged in many ways, such as a loss of a family member, illness, unemployment or other reasons, We continue to provide a free traditional seaside holiday where children can...